Trustee Services

Trusts are flexible arrangements that can be used for several corporate and private purposes. The main characteristic of a trust, is the separation between the legal and beneficiary ownership of assets. Such separation can be very useful for tax planning and estate planning purposes. Benefits offered by trusts, include:

• Wealth protection and management strategies

• Family provision

• Succession planning

• Asset protection


Downton Investment Ltd. provides trustee services in various jurisdictions, and has strong expertise in International regulations and legislations. We offer a complete range of trustee services, including:

• Formation and management of trusts and foundations

• Escrow services

• Acting as trustees and co-trustees for a variety of trusts

• Nominee facilities for private investments

• Independent protector services for foreign and International trusts


Given the client’s particular circumstances we can act as trustees for:

• Discretionary trusts

• Accumulation and Maintenance trusts

• Fixed interest trusts

• Purpose trusts

• Charitable trusts

• Employee benefit trusts